Artistic Imposter Design Now Mobile-Friendly

By now, anyone who works in the web design industry should be familiar with terms like “mobile-friendly” and “responsive web design.” Well, I am proud to announce that Artistic Imposter Design is now both mobile-friendly and responsive!

While some companies create a separate set of pages for the mobile version of their site, others choose to use CSS media queries to add responsiveness to the design. While both approaches have merit, I believe media queries are the way to go. Using media queries allows the design of the pages to adjust based on the width of the device in use rather than having just two static designs.

About a month ago, I decided that as a web designer I should probably get with the times and I began redesigning my website in my spare time. Trying not to stray too far from my current design, I kept the color scheme, but rearranged the menu and added a couple of pages. I also wrote a new WordPress theme for my Creative Blog and Online Store, finally matching the design of the store to my website design.

New Online Store

Those who have visited Artistic Imposter Design in the past week may have noticed a little something new – my online store.

While working with ebooks over the last couple of months, I discovered an extension for WordPress that creates an online store. Products can be either digital or physical, and all payments go through PayPal, so I don’t have to deal with credit cards or money transfers.

Since I’m just starting my online store, there are only a few products available. Right now, I’m only offering downloadable products – my ebooks and my fonts – but eventually I would like to expand into printed versions of some of my artwork. Website

For about a month now, I have been designing and building a website for LearnKey. The site is, and it just went live last week. The site is a “free online career pathway and leadership trait assessment that matches your talents with customized ‘job ready’ video-based training programs.” I was in charge of the design and the HTML for the site, but another company was contracted to do all the heavy-lifting on the backend. They ended up changing some of the HTML, so it turned out a little different from the original design. Here are some screen shots of the original design:
Landing-Page Results-Page-2

New Newsletter Starting in November

While attempting to learn how to embed a YouTube video on Facebook using Facebook Markup Language, I came across an article on called 4 Elements of a Successful Business Web Presence. The four items listed in the article are:

  • The Website
  • The Blog
  • The Newsletter
  • Social Media Accounts

While I have some experience in the first, second, and fourth areas, I have never done a newsletter, so I decided to start one. Beginning in November, I will be sending out an e-mail newsletter around the first of each month to a list of subscribers. Since I am usually busy with my regular job and I’m still getting a toehold on the whole freelance front, I may not always have much to write about. To remedy this, I’m going to double my efforts to find new and interesting projects to work on. The newsletter will also include a list of links to my blog posts for the previous month, and occasionally I may even write summaries of interesting articles I discover relating to graphic/web design and animation.

What this means for me: I need to get up off my couch occasionally, turn off the TV, and finally do some of those projects I’ve been thinking about and planning for months and years.

What this means for you: More blog updates, More cool projects, More tutorials, and More fun!!!!

To subscribe to my new newsletter, just fill out the form in the sidebar.

Updated Site Menu

I changed my Web site menu a little. I changed the Animation link in the site menu to Typography to link to my new fonts page, and I moved the Animation link to the sidebar. I eventually want to make the Animation page into its own subsite, possibly with a url of its own. I’m also working on a better version of the Typography page which will pull all of the font names, pricing, and descriptions from a database so that I just have to update the database whenever I want to change a price or add a new font.