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Working on Web Sites

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Been working on Web sites all afternoon. I recently reconnected with a friend I knew in Centurium Consulting Group, and she’s given me a couple of freelance jobs. She runs a company designing and hosting Web sites, and her usual HTML and CSS guy is busy, so she’s contracted with me to do six Web sites for her. She does all the design and I am doing the code. I also built a Flash navigation bar for her last week, and I’m working on some JavaScript pop-ups for one of the sites. I’ll try to post some links when the sites are actually live.

CCG Recruiting Film

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In Centurium Consulting Group (CCG), my team is designing an ad campaign to recruit students to join CCG next year. We are making a short film explaining a little about CCG, as well as a poster and fliers. I finished the poster and fliers last week, and we finished the filming today.

On Monday next week, there will be a panel of judges who will decide which group has the best campaign, and on Wednesday and Friday we will present our film to various Communications and Art classes around SUU.