LearnKey Promotional Videos

For the last couple weeks, I have been building short videos at work to promote our training courses. Several of these videos are on YouTube and will eventually make it to the LearnKey blog. One of my video made it to the LearnKey blog a couple of weeks ago: the promo for LearnKey’s Premiere Pro CS5 course. Check it out at http://blog.learnkey.com/?p=3004.

Check out more of my LearnKey promotional videos on LearnKey’s YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/user/LearnKeyVideo, or my LearnKey Promotional Videos playlist, http://www.youtube.com/user/artisticimposter?feature=mhee#p/c/64DD74C69913AE88.

Poem Book on Sale Now!!!

The paperback version of my book of poetry, Windows to the Soul, was listed on Amazon.com today. I’m not sure when it will actually be available for purchase on Amazon, but it is available right now through CreateSpace, Amazon’s self-publishing service.

The Kindle version has been on sale for a couple of weeks, but I just approved the proof for the print version a couple of days ago. I’m now working on a promotional video to put on YouTube announcing the publication of the print version. Until then, check out a sample of my poetry from Windows to the Soul on Goodreads.com.

AI Toon KBW Font

While working on “The Skydiver”, I decided to create a typeface to use for the text so the writing would look consistent. I’ve spent some time working on it and I now have a sample to show:

The font contains all of the letters and symbols on the keys of a standard American keyboard and is available in Windows TrueType format at this page: http://www.artisticimposter.com/aitoonkbw.php. A valid e-mail address and a PayPal account are required for purchase. Once the fee has been paid, the font will be sent to the purchaser by e-mail. This font is for personal and/or commercial use. Since fonts are software, by purchasing and installing this font, you agree that you have read and understand the End-User License Agreement for software purchased from Artistic Imposter Design.

New Animated Short Underway

Over the weekend, I began working on a new idea for a Flash animated short. Several years ago, I performed an original pantomime entitled “The Skydiver,” and over the holiday weekend I began turning my pantomime into an animated Flash cartoon. Here’s a screenshot of part of the cartoon:

I’m doing some experimenting with this cartoon, and I plan to do most of the actual animation using traditional frame-by-frame methods, so it could take me a little longer to finish than it would otherwise. Once it is finished, I’m going to build a new page into my Web site just for Flash cartoons, and it will also be posted on YouTube.

Keying in Adobe After Effects

My coworker Steve has been in the Yucatan filming a documentary for the last week and a half, so I’ve been filling in for him at work. While he’s been gone I’ve been running the video camera and editing all the video files. This mainly entails keying out the blue screen and adding a background in it’s place. I was able to do a little of this while Steve was here, but with him gone it’s been solely my responsibility. Here are some samples of keying I have done with LearnKey: