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“Windows to the Soul” Now Multi-Platform

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Windows to the Soul new cover

My 2011 book of poetry, Windows to the Soul is now available on multiple platforms!

Windows to the Soul is “A collection of original poetry, composed by K. Bradley Washburn between 1996 and 2006. The seventy-five poems in this volume are actually part of a larger unpublished work titled “Tapestry,” and consist of love poetry, religious ballads, and random musings.”

For the second wave of my book, I have replaced the old 2011 cover with a new, updated cover. Those who purchase a paperback copy will still receive the old cover, but all ebook editions have the redesigned cover. Click the links below to purchase Windows to the Soul from your favorite retailer.

Amazon (Paperback, Kindle)
Smashwords (many formats)

Poem Book on Sale Now!!!

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The paperback version of my book of poetry, Windows to the Soul, was listed on Amazon.com today. I’m not sure when it will actually be available for purchase on Amazon, but it is available right now through CreateSpace, Amazon’s self-publishing service.

The Kindle version has been on sale for a couple of weeks, but I just approved the proof for the print version a couple of days ago. I’m now working on a promotional video to put on YouTube announcing the publication of the print version. Until then, check out a sample of my poetry from Windows to the Soul on Goodreads.com.

Self-Publishing My Book of Poems

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A week or so ago, I noticed a link at the bottom of Amazon.com that said “Self-publish with Us.” Intrigued, I clicked the link and discovered that Amazon has a service where a person can create Kindle books and print books using a couple of different services and self-publish them. I have been writing poetry for about fifteen years, and have been collecting the poems into a book which I have been planning to publish at some point. So I thought, Why not publish it this way? It seems quick, simple, and easy.

As a result, I have spent the last week sifting through my poetry, selecting the best poems to publish in an anthology, which I have titled Windows to the Soul. I am pleased to announce the selection and formatting process is finished! I just need to finish designing the cover, and within a couple of weeks I will have a book of poetry for sale. I will probably publish it as a Kindle book first, then as a physical book second, but I haven’t decided yet. Keep checking back for more updates!