eBusiness Systems

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Our second Web site for eBusiness Systems, T.W. Jones & Sons, is now online at a temporary hosting location. Most of the design was done by another member of my group, but the title was created by me. I also created a couple of basic design ideas for this Web site, but this one was chosen instead.

Here are the basic comps I created:

T.W. Jones & Sons Comp 1T.W. Jones & Sons Comp 2

Daily Image – Day 6

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I was going to make changes to the image every day, but on Saturday I discovered that it takes way too long to upload an image from my internet at home. So I’m just going to make changes every working day, i.e. Monday-Friday, when I have access to a faster connection through the school or work.

So here is Day 6:

Daily Image Day 6

CCG Recruiting Film

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In Centurium Consulting Group (CCG), my team is designing an ad campaign to recruit students to join CCG next year. We are making a short film explaining a little about CCG, as well as a poster and fliers. I finished the poster and fliers last week, and we finished the filming today.

On Monday next week, there will be a panel of judges who will decide which group has the best campaign, and on Wednesday and Friday we will present our film to various Communications and Art classes around SUU.