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LearnKey 10 Commandments of the PC Tech Wallpaper

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A few months ago, I wrote The 10 Commandments of the PC Tech, a post about a video created by LearnKey which I was in and helped a lot with. LearnKey’s marketing team has now created a wallpaper featuring images from the video alongside Mike Meyer’s 10 commandments. The wallpaper can be downloaded from LearnKey’s blog for those interested.

The 10 Commandments of the PC Tech

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LearnKey recently posted a video on YouTube and their blog called “The 10 Commandments of a PC Tech”. The video is an unused segment we shot during the filming of the A+ Certification training with Mike Meyers back in September 2009. It was decided that the segment needed finished and released as a promotional item, so my coworker Steve has been working on it tirelessly for the last little while. When I moved to the Salt Lake office I was conscripted for the video, so viewers playing close attention (and not so close attention) can see my mug sprinkled throughout.