First Monthly Newsletter e-Mailed

My first monthly newsletter went out today! I started the series with a brief history detailing how and why I started Artistic Imposter Design and the various incarnations my portfolio went through before becoming the finished product we all know and love. For those who have not yet subscribed to my newsletter, the history is available here.

Each monthly newsletter will include a software review featuring a freeware or open-source design related software product. I will to spend about eight hours each month using the selected software, then review it based on how quickly I was able to pick it up, as well the quality of the documentation and the portability to various OS platforms. These reviews should not be considered a definitive statement on the quality of the software; merely a guide based on a cursory examination. For the first newsletter, I reviewed the open-source 3d modeling software Blender. My full review and criteria is available on the Software Reviews page of this site.

I am also including links to various conferences and events that are applicable to the design community. If anyone happens to notice an important event which I have overlooked in the calendar, please let me know.