Year: 2013

“Windows to the Soul” Now Multi-Platform

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Windows to the Soul new cover

My 2011 book of poetry, Windows to the Soul is now available on multiple platforms!

Windows to the Soul is “A collection of original poetry, composed by K. Bradley Washburn between 1996 and 2006. The seventy-five poems in this volume are actually part of a larger unpublished work titled “Tapestry,” and consist of love poetry, religious ballads, and random musings.”

For the second wave of my book, I have replaced the old 2011 cover with a new, updated cover. Those who purchase a paperback copy will still receive the old cover, but all ebook editions have the redesigned cover. Click the links below to purchase Windows to the Soul from your favorite retailer.

Amazon (Paperback, Kindle)
Smashwords (many formats)

New Book: “Myths of the World”

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Myths of the World

I have been working on an ebook for a little while and it just went on sale for the Amazon Kindle. It is called Myths of the World. The book is really a collection of articles which I posted from 2011 to 2012 on my now defunct website Below is the book’s description:

“Every civilization, no matter how old, has a body of traditional stories which define its culture heritage. Many of these myths and legends have a direct effect on customs and religious traditions within societies. Comprised of articles originally published on, this volume provides a small sample of some of the myths, legends, and folklore from cultures across the world.”

Right now, the book is only available for the Kindle, but I will shortly be making it available in the .epub format, which works for most other e-readers.

Click here to purchase Myths of the World

As a bonus, I am also giving away a free ebook, Plato’s Atlantis, which can be downloaded for Kindle here until January 1, 2014.

“For centuries, the tale of Atlantis has captured the imaginations of millions across the world. Atlantis has been featured in everything from books to films to toys, and the search for the lost continent as been undertaken by some of the best minds humanity has to offer. This volume collects the original source material for the legend, Plato‚Äôs dialogue Critias and a selection from Timaeus, translated by nineteen century Oxford scholar Benjamin Jowett.” Website

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For about a month now, I have been designing and building a website for LearnKey. The site is, and it just went live last week. The site is a “free online career pathway and leadership trait assessment that matches your talents with customized ‘job ready’ video-based training programs.” I was in charge of the design and the HTML for the site, but another company was contracted to do all the heavy-lifting on the backend. They ended up changing some of the HTML, so it turned out a little different from the original design. Here are some screen shots of the original design:
Landing-Page Results-Page-2