Awards Banquet

Last night was the SUU Awards banquet where I was given the award for Outstanding Information Systems Student for 2007-2008, as I mentioned previously that I was receiving. I was so busy with preparing to present our e-Business Web sites to the board and preparing for the banquet that I didn’t get a chance to do my daily image! Oh, well.

I’m working on a new section for my Web site with the working title of Wall-of-Fame. It will be a list with thumbnails of various awards I have received, as well as trainings and certifications I have completed. When It is finished, a scan of my award certificate will be there. Perhaps I’ll get one up on here before then.

SUU IS Award

I received a letter from SUU today informing me that I am receiving an award on April 17th. Apparently, I have been named SUU’s Outstanding Information Systems Student for 2007-2008. There is a presentation and banquet that I have to attend where my award will be presented.