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New Job Starting April 16th

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On Monday, I received news of a change at my company that has been in the wraps for a little while. I was offered a new position at the filming studio. Instead of the Design Team Lead, I will be the Instructional Design Assistant/Creative Team Liaison at the studio. I’m not sure if that will be my official title as it’s a brand new position, but that’s basically what I will be. I have had the opportunity to temporarily fill this role in the past, but starting April 16th it will be an actual full-time position. I won’t actually start until April 19th, since the 16th is a Friday.

What this means for me is I will be able to be more involved in the creative process when a project is just beginning, instead of waiting until the filming is done before having any input. I will also be in constant contact with the Design Team so the Flash creation process can start at an earlier stage in the process. I will have direct contact with the author and director during every shoot, so I will be able to help the Design Team create more accurate graphics for the Flash content than they have in the past. I will also be able to help with set design and hopefully do a little camera work and video editing. Overall, this should be a good change for both me and the company.

Browser Cross-Platform Compatibility Issues

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I came across a post today on LearnKey’s blog titled Why Web Browser Updates are Necessary. For anyone designing Web sites, especially corporate Web sites, I consider this a must-read. As a Web Designer, I have ran into cross-platform compatibility issues more times than I can count. Since I design mainly on a Mac, I also have the issue of difficulty testing sites in Internet Explorer, especially now that Microsoft no longer makes a Mac version of IE. Usually, if a site works in Firefox and Safari, it will work in just about any browser, but IE frequently throws little curve balls into the mix.