Digital Art NFTs Now For Sale!

About a month ago, I jumped on the NFT bandwagon and launched my own NFT collection on the digital marketplace OpenSea. For the moment, the NFTs listed for sale are older pieces of my digital artwork, many of which have never been published or displayed outside of my account on DeviantArt. A few have not even been seen there.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or avoiding the Internet, you’ve probably heard of NFTs by now. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital identifiers, essentially secure metadata, which prove ownership of the digital ‘original’ of a piece or art or other object.

Owning an NFT is like owning an original painting or sculpture. The buyer of the painting may own the original canvas, but the painter retains full copyright of the painting and has the right to make and sell prints of his or her painting. In the same way, buyers of NFTs own the ‘original’ artwork, but the creator of the artwork maintains ownership of the copyright to his or her art.

I plan to continue adding NFTs of my art and photography to my NFT collection on OpenSea, so check in often to purchase your favorite pieces.