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Hi, my name is Brad Washburn. Artistic Imposter Design is the home of my personal graphic design portfolio. I am currently employed by LearnKey, Inc., a Web-based self-paced training company, as the Online Content and Social Media Manager. I also do freelance Graphic Design, Web Design, and Flash work.

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Recent Activities

Coming Soon . . . Two Treasure Tomb Expansions

Four months ago, I released Treasure Tomb, a game of strategic tile-laying, dice-rolling, and card collecting. The game includes components for up to 4 players, allowing a small group to enjoy the wonders of the tomb. Beginning October 1, 2015, you will be able to expand your games of Treasure Tomb to include up to […]

“Treasure Tomb” – Evolution of a Game

Over the past couple of months, I have been working on a board game, Treasure Tomb. Several design and rule changes later, Treasure Tomb is ready for final publishing and went on sale today at The Game Crafter. Treasure Tomb is a game of strategic tile-laying, dice-rolling, and card collecting. Players lay tiles to construct […]

New “Wolf in the Fold” Microgame

In March, I began working on a couple of concepts for games which I have had floating around in my head, and I am pleased to announce the first finished game went on sale today! Created from unused concepts from my upcoming Treasure Tomb board game, Wolf in the Fold is more of a microgame […]